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 Dear business friends!
        Let me introduce my company to you called Elektrón. The company was formed in 1991 after general privatization of the economic unit HS-12 of the former District Industrial Company in Rimavská Sobota.
The aforesaid economic unit, which I was the head of from 1984 until the dissolution of the District Industrial Company in Rimavská Sobota in 1991, provided services in the area of electrical engineering.
At that time, I privatized the economic unit with complete movable and immovable assets, that means the building of the service centre having a useful area of 1612 m², complete building fixtures, measurement technology and inventory. In 1991, the economic unit provided services only in the area of electrical engineering, namely in repair of TVs and radio receivers, master TV antennas and local radios.      

        After privatization, the aforesaid activities were gradually expanded by installation of security devices, sale and servicing of cash registers, radio transmitters, lighting of public areas and historical buildings, installation of camera systems, industrial metal detectors and by strong-current and weak-current electrical installation works.
       Since 1994, the company also started with trading activities. At the time, it opened one specialized salesroom for amateur radio accessories on the ground floor of the building having an area of 108 m².
The salesroom was gradually expanded constructionally as well as by other commodities. Currently, it is a salesroom having a sales area of 270 m², which is specialized, in addition to amateur radio accessories,
also in wiring accessories, electrical appliances, electronic security devices, security camera systems and audio technology.
       In 2001, on the upper floor of the building we opened another specialized salesroom for lighting devices and lighting technology having a sales area of 90 m². In 2006, we expanded the aforesaid salesroom constructionally to a sales area of 235 m² with a wide selection of lighting devices for industry and household as well as with various components for lighting devices.
1       Among other significant activities of the company in the year 2003, there was the purchase of fixtures of one building having a useful area of 260 m², where the so-called technical background of the company is provided for. It includes garages for our cars and a workshop for manufacture of mechanical components that we need for installation works.  
      Since its founding, the company has cooperated and cooperates with various prestigious companies. They are companies from home as well as from abroad. Among the most significant ones, there are Ascom Radiocom AG - Zürich, Ascom Berne, Elsyst - Praha, Telekomunikace - Praha, Reton - Rožňov pod Radhoštěm, MBMC - Telesis Budapest, Eurovideo - Budapest, Schneider - Electric Slovakia - Žilina, Hagard: Hal - Nitra, Konex - Elektro Košice, Schrack Energietechnik - Martin, SEZ - Krompachy, Philips Slovakia - Bratislava, Brilum SK - Senec, Elcom - Prešov, SOS - Electronic - Košice, Osram Slovakia - Nové Zámky, Tesco-Stores  Praha, Ami - Nové Zámky, Grundig Slovensko Bratislava, Gorenje Slovakia Piešťany, Legrand Slovakia - Bratislava and I could name many others.  

       Individual activities of the company are described in greater detail on pages that follow.


       I believe that some of the aforesaid activities have caught your interest and that you will also become one of our satisfied customers or one of our business partners.

       Thank you for your interest in advance

                                                                         Owner of Company
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