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      Activities that we are into
        sípka  Provision of construction of photovoltaic power plants

                                                         sípka  contact with a distribution company

                                           sípka  designing (area management, building approval)

                                           sípka  engineering activity

                                           sípka  execution

                                           sípka  actuation

                                           sípka  thermographic diagnostics of photovoltaic power plants

        sípka  Thermographic diagnostics of electrical apparatuses

                                                         sípka  thermographic diagnostics of photovoltaic power plants

                                           sípka  thermographic diagnostics of power lines

                                           sípka  thermographic diagnostics of electrical distribution box

        sípka  Trading activities

                                                          sípka  sale of wiring accessories

                                           sípka sale of electrical appliances

                                           sípka  sale of amateur radio accessories

                                           sípka  sale of electronic security devices and security camera systems

                                           sípka  sale of lighting devices and technology

        sípka  Installation activities

                                                         sípka  electrical installation works strong-current

                                                         sípka  electrical installation works weak-current

                                                   sípka  installation of local radios and sound distribution of various
                                                          interiors and exteriors

                                                   sípka  installation of master TV antennas, cable television
                                                          distributors and satellite receivers

                                                                    sípka  installation of security camera systems

                                                                    sípka  installation of electronic security devices

                                                                    sípka  installation of structural networks and optical cable distributors

                                                   sípka  installation of analogue digital telephone distributors
                                                          and switchboards

                                                   sípka  installation of audio and video communication devices,
                                                          attendance systems and electric gate control

                                                   sípka  installation of metal detectors and separators  

                                                   sípka  installation of lighting of historical buildings,
                                                          public lighting and lighting of various other exteriors and interiors


        sípka  Design and inspection activities

                                                          sípka  inspection of electric devices – expert testing and examinations

                                                          sípka  design of electrical installations, external and internal lighting,
                                                  securing of buildings using electronic security devices and
                                                  security camera systems

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